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Hi guys!!! So a lot of you have been asking me lately about my reviews and I was really surprised!!! I mean.... I never knew so many of you liked my reviews!! It shocked me! Y-You guys.... YOU ARE JUST AWESOME!! I love you all so much!! That's why I decided I will write my reviews every saturday, so that I can comment on both the new episode and the new chapter at once! This way I have more to talk about (but it's also because I have a lot of school work). Anyways, let the reviews begin!

FT CHAPTER 380 "Hell's core"
Read online:…

*So a lot of things happened while I didn't write my journals, we now have the new Tatarus arc and the end of the Grand Magic Games. All I can say is that with each passing chapter... the anticipation is increasing!

*Finally Zeref appeared and we saw him meet Natsu again. He spoke of Natsu or E.N.D coming to him at the end when they finish their battle. His appearance is kind of foreshadowing or giving us an idea of what Hiro has planned. He basically told us that after FT and Tartarus finish their fight (this arc), FT will face Zeref next?? (the new arc) I really can't wait till the Tartarus arc finishes! We will hopefully see more of Zeref after this.

*1 thing I noticed is how the skeleton member of Tatarus looked at Lucy when he saw her use Celestal spirit magic. Does he know her or recognise her somewhere??
Here is the page:…
Maybe Lucy has something to do with Zeref?? or she is important in some way.... I'll leave this thought for now. But of course, I think most of us already have some thought of Lucy having a big role in the story.

*Im still sticking to the idea of Yukino dying, or breaking her contract with her celestial spirits. It has to happen for Lucy to get all of the 12 keys. Also, now that Jellal has made the Oracion Seis into his allies, they will most likely meet everyone from FT and other guilds (Hiro said a lot of the old characters will be coming back in this arc). So I really expect that Yukino and Angel will meet (maybe then Hiro will do something to Yukino to make it all the more dramatic)... hmmmmm....

*Gray's father finally appeared! BUT is he really related to Gray by blood??? Maybe the demon's curse let's him posses a humans body and when Deliora attacked Gray's village, and his father died, maybe that's when he possessed him?? or maybe I could be wrong and he really is Gray's blood father.... but that wouldn't really make sense... aren't all those demons created by Zeref??? So this really can't be Gray's blood father but a demon that possesses his father. Hmmm.... that's my guess on it.

*haha I didn't talk at all about this specific chapter. Ok so, finally the most important thing we learned in chapter 380 is the end pages which show the demon king. I was confused because at 1st I though he was E.N.D but he isn't, or is he??? No, the book he was holding was called E.N.D so maybe E.N.D is wounded and is residing in that book??? and this demon king guy is guarding him or something??? or maybe the demon king guy will transform into end by the power of the book??? nah... I'll go more with my 1st guess. After defeating this guy, FT will fight the real demon King. Maybe Tatarus was trying to do something so that E.N.D revives more quickly?? Their real aim was not face but something else and I think that's END's revival or something...

*Finally we will get some light on FT's Light that is the ultimate secret of the guild and Hades wants to activate it! Finally! But how will he activate it when that was just a spirit when he was talking to Lucy and Natsu??? Strange... but we should definitely expect it to appear in the future chapters or at least get more info on it.

*THE CHAPTER COVER!!! Does that mean LaxMira is canon?? hehe :iconinloveplz: Also I really like how Mira is getting so much more attention in this arc. Maybe because she is also a demon??? I wonder if Hiro will tell us how she got those powers.

*Im going to conclude the chapter review by saying.... Hiro has a lot of things planned for this arc! Light, Zeref, demons, some connection to dragons (possibly). Maybe Hiro moved some things that were supposed to happen in the GMG arc into this arc. Like Lucy kneeling down before Zeref. Finally we are getting a move on the plot! Maybe FT will even travel or get trapped in the underworld (Im still unsure about this.... chances are 50/50.... hmmm or maybe they won't... waaa I don't know) But definitely the story will be getting better and better. Sorry if I forgot to mention something guys. you can comment and tell me some things I might have forgotten or what you though of the chapter. Ok so that's all for the manga, now the anime!

FT Season 2 Ep 2 "The Eclipse Plan"
Watch online:…

*Hmmm noting extra happened in the episode, and by extra I mean anime only scenes. Everything that was in the episode was in the manga so nothing new.

*You know guys... the more I listen to the op song of the anime, the more I like it. I take back what i said in my previous review. Only the op song is good, the ed song is.... ehhh... not so good, but the Nalu animation is awesome!! oh and by the way this episode did have a lot of NaLu. Again :iconinloveplz:

*I saw that in some scenes the animation wasn't so good. Like for example the one where Wendy was holding Natsu. But I have to say that it's still good, keep up the good work animation staff!!

So that's all for my reviews guys. Ahhh I kind of feel like Im losing my touch. I have to get back in the game! By each passing review it will hopefully get better so bear with me guys. Before, I used to write so much better.... the old me will definitely return!
I also want to thank you again for reading and liking my reviews! I just really can't believe how many people asked me about it! Thank you guys! I can't even believe you read this *blushes* LOVE YOU!!! :iconaawplz:


P.S. I really want to write a new NaLu fanfic but i have no ideas. I had them before but I forgot all of them :( So I was wondering if you guys have any ideas for a fanfic story. Thanks!


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P.S. Im obsessed with NaLu pairing from Fairy Tail so I will probably upload mostly stuff about them
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random comment but, OMG DSM-SAMA I JUST NOTICED YOU LIKE KAKIHARA TETSUYA TOO?!?!?! Why didn't I find out earlierrrrrrr?!?!? :iconaawplz:
Of course!! He's the voice of my beloved hero! :iconinloveplz: wait... how did you find out?? in my posts?? High five fellow Kakihara lover! *puts up hand for high 5* :iconaawplz:
Ahhh I was looking back on my journal entry about the FT drama CD and noticed for some reason I wasn't even watching you yet!! So I went on your profile to watch you, then scrolled down to the interests section and LITERALLY HAD A HEART ATTACK WHEN I SAW HIS NAME LOL XDDD 
OHH!!! Now that you mention it I have to update my interests! hehe LOVE!!! :iconinloveplz: :iconaawplz: THANK YOU FOR WATCHING ME!! Aye!!! Kaki RULES!!! :iconinloveplz:
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I return the love to you too love! Thank you so much! I just wanna hug you so bad! :iconaawplz: :iconaawplz:
Awww thank you!! :iconaawplz: same hereeeeee!!!
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