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November 10, 2012


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The 'Nashi' interview in Barcelona:
The whole interview was posted a couple of days ago and I wanted to give an accurate translation (google translator can never be trusted) so here it is! c: (RP2 are the interviewers while HM stands for Hiro Mashima, just in case you're confused.)

RP2: The first thing to do is to thank sensei for giving us these minutes. We'd like to start with: why are your works always around magic?

HM: Because I'd love to learn how to do magic.

RP2: Do you feel comfortable developing stories centered on magic?

HM: Yes, I feel very comfortable because magic is what allows you, on one side, to dream while on the other side, gives you a big amount of freedom. In the end, it is a fantasy world, but the feelings of the characters have a special importance.

RP2: Have you thought about getting into other stories about magic?

HM: Yes, I'm thinking in a lot of them. What I don't know is if I can announce any of them in any early future.

RP2: There's a lot of rumors about your influences, could you tell us which were your true beginnings?

HM: The truth is that I was never an assistant of any mangaka.

RP2: And how have you defined your style, then?

HM: Of course I have lot of influence from mangakas from the past, but the most important thing to define my own style was draw a lot, I am auto didactic and via the way of trial and error and having the chance of showing my work to the readers and receive their feedback and impressions I have formed my own style.

RP2: What do you think of the fact of your work being edited out of japan?

HM: It is something that makes me very happy.

RP2: Being curious, why do the characters have the names of seasons?

HM: That is because you know the names of seasons in japanese (laughter). In the end it had something to do with the situation with the magazine at that moment, in said magazine Rave was also published and at that time there were no other stories with the fantasy theme, 'magic'. I wanted to have names with lot of 'tone' in them, like the occidental names, but then maybe japanese readers wouldn't feel very identified or would think it was too far away from what they knew, and from there the first character was born, Haru.

RP2: Changing the subject a bit, recently the adaptation of Fairy Tail was aired on the anime screen, are you satisfied with the work done by A-1 pictures and Masaya Fujimori?

HM: Yes, I am very proud of it.

RP2: Do you think maybe Fairy Tail is living its best moment now? Do you think it can go for more?

HM: That depends on the fans, I am willing to create stories more and more interesting and entertaining but obviously the popularity level influences a lot.

RP2: Do you have any other surprise reserved for us?

HM: I love surprising my readers, it doesn't seem like seven years passed already, but yes, I still have a lot of ideas to keep surprising everyone.

RP2: We'd like to know, in the hypothetical case in which Natsu and Lucy ended together, have you thought any time of the names for their children?

HM: I don't know what to say, I have  never thought about it (laughter). But, without a doubt, it would be Nashi (nothing).

RP2: We'd like to know if there will be any more short stories about Fairy Tail?

HM: Yes, I'll make plenty of them.

RP2: Would you like for Fairy Tail hame with the Monster Hunter style to exist?

HM: Of course I would.

RP2: With what character would you play?

HM: Natsu of course, but also Erza could change her outfit more easily and that would be fun too.

RP2: With which of your characters from Fairy Tail do you feel more identified with?

HM: That's complicated, all the characters have a part of me, so I could say they all recemble me in a certain way but in another way they're nothing alike at all.  Maybe the one who has the most parts of me would be Lucy, but in any case, they're all very evenly split.

RP2: Have you visited Spain before?

HM: It is my first time and it's a great country.

RP2: Have you tasted any of our custom dishes?

HM: Potato tortilla (laughter).

RP2: What message do you have for our readers?

HM: Being a mangaka means thinking about the readers, so you try to not only draw what you think is interesting, but what your readers are expecting as well.


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FrostPri Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014  New member Hobbyist
I have to agree with you code-sakura, there are some ridiculous fairy tail couple that could never happen. 

(In my opinion)Fairy Tail couples that could never happen:
Lucyxanyone other than natsu, gray or maybe loke
Lisanna xanyone not natsu
Jellalxanyone other than Erza
Erzaxanyone other than Jellal

There is many evidence of why these couples could just not happen.
Now there might be a random turn of events where a new person joins fairy tail and there's romance, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

As for my opinion I am a huge NaLu fan and even larger GraLu fan and I don't believe in Gruvia. I would be very disappointed though if it turned out neither Natsu or Gray did not even slightly lo e Lucy in a romantic way. So I am waiting to see what's canonized!
Legoyeah01 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New member
Natza can happen IMO that's my favorite ship. Grayxerza doe..
FrostPri Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New member Hobbyist
Sorry, but I really don't think that could happen Erza and Jellal love each other a lot and it has been seen throughout their history. 
Legoyeah01 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New member
You never know jellel might die in the manga and show. No hate for him though.
FrostPri Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New member Hobbyist
That would be horrible!! I don't think that'll happen 
Legoyeah01 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member
No hate on him though, I just like Natza more. There kids (I know that sounds creepy) would be badass.
Code-sakura Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, girls there will be nalu... But I have the same opinion as goddessofevilandpain.deviantar…

Mashima-sama could make natsu and lucy pair with other characters. See, Grayju is actually a little appearing, but I think Gray begins to see juvia as a best friend. He could Probably like lucy : when he went at blue pegasus with natsu, lucy and erza, he called the girls 'THEIR princess'. If i'm mistaking (because i'm french and I didn't watch the english version) i'm sorry.

Mashima-sama could also being preparing NO couples, cuz he always draw proofs of this and that couples, and it leads to mistake for the readers. So you all shouldn't be so excited. There could be many couples, but there are some that I think are STRICTLY IMPOSSIBLE (don't worry, i'll explain. I will not put the yaoi couples, because i'm actually becoming a fangirl of yaoi. Aww the best I know in fairy tail is Sting x Rogue *q*) :

Lucy x Loke/sting/laxus/bickslow/rogue/zereph/orga/fried/gajeel/hibiki (there are others -_-'') :
Do you see how she talks to him ? Like a FRIEND. And even if he flirts whit her, it's actually his nature. He has been making sure to be always with many girls to forget Karen. It looks like he was in love with the little aries :3 but that's my opinion. Zereph never talked with her, orga same, fried looks like he's in love with laxus and it's another yaoi *3*. Gajeel with levy, hibiki is always in love with Karen, what do you think ?

Natsu x Erza :
ARE YOU FREAKIN' IDIOT ???!!!! Didn't you see she's in love with Gerald ??!! They just need to say it to each other and poof ! No couples out of the ordinary !! (sorry, but it's a little stupid to think that since we ALL know gerza will be. It wasn't to offend the fans, though. i just freaked out a little (~-_-)~ )

Lisanna x laxus/bickslow/sting/rogue :
.____. *poker face* This is horrible.... Do you, fans of those, know that sting and rogue don't even know lisanna ? Laxus and bickslow can't be in love with her. THERE'S NO WAY. And her ? You thought about her ? She likes Natsu, Dammit !!!!

Juvia x Gerald :

And actually the list is really long ._____.

There are my opinions u_u As for the ending, I think it's that they haven't seen for long and Lucy actually wants to see the others of the guild again. I see it like this even if I begin liking the nalu. I also have a word to say for the anti-lucy/wendy/lisanna... Particularly lisanna, juvia and erza. Reasons to like them :

for the nalu fans :
- Lisanna: she IS for the nalu ! She is friends with lucy, she is gentle and she freaking couldn't interfere, anyways, dammit !!

for the graylu fans :
- Juvia : You all deceive me... I am the biggest fan of this couple and i really like juvia (but not when she does her 'gray-samaaa~' thing. It's shameful u_u) !!! On my opinion, she can't fall in love just like that. Her love is too simple for me. it's a love that grew by learning to know Gray, but (because there's a but) it isn't powerful enough for him to understand the... meaning of it. I would just like not to see images like THIS again :…………

U____U And there are some of you fans of graylu who do that. You all can say what you want. Block this message, insult me. Just like GoddessOfEvilandPain. I don't care. It's just that you can say you don't like a manga/anime or even don't like anime/manga, but there are limits. Oh and btw you read the interview right ? It's us who influence him. If you're not for some of the characters, he's gonna be discouraged and stop drawing it. And in that sentence I talk for all the readers of anime/manga in the world. If you're not for some characters in a manga, just keep it for you, cuz if you share it evrywhere, your fave mangaka will stop his manga or even his mangaka activities. Heard me ? Please remember this.
kiittykatlove Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Have you seen ending 15?????? So much nalu!!! And if you look at the english sub you will freak.
PandaSwagg2002 Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Hobbyist Artist

ErickaAmalia Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Student Photographer
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